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Determine your Zone Score using the test that enables you to find your current comfort zone and see just how far you are likely to step outside it at the moment and break the kind of boundaries that really make a positive difference to your life. 

You will receive your score when you submit the survey and see which zone you fall in to and more importantly, look at the areas in your life you can positively think differently about and change in order to push yourself forward and reach zone zero – the point at which you no longer have boundaries or irrational fears – just challenges that you know you’ll quite easily smash through as and when you need to, leaving you to enjoy life.

It’s important to note that in answering the following questions, there are no right or wrong answers, just your individual preferences that indicate how much you display the common psychological attributes associated with pushing personal boundaries and stepping outside common comfort zones to achieve everything you desire, living your life to the full.
* The following data will always be protected and your privacy respected. Your contact details will never be associated with your personal responses. We collect such details for research purposes and your email solely for providing resourceful or exclusive information where relevant in relation to The Zone Test. These details will be passed to and stored safely by the author, Dr. Emma Mardlin. At no point will this communication be abused for relentless or unrelated marketing campaigns.

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